Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ward Campout

In September was our ward campout. We had things going on Friday evening and didn't want to set up a campsite in the dark, so we decided to go up early Saturday morning in time for breakfast. Let me tell you, I loved doing that! It was nice to sit and chat and not have to worry about taking down a tent or packing up the car!! And the kids got just as dirty as they would have if we had camped overnight too.

Oh yeah, and the night before, I ended up taking Allison to urgent care for stitches! We went to the Tempe library the evening before and she smacked her forehead on a little tunnel downstairs in the childrens area. It was this gaping hole in her forehead. I knew right away she needed help, so I took her right there. Dennis asked me on the way home when I called him, if I had taken pictures, but it honestly never crossed my mind. She ended up needing three stitches inside and 4 outside. Funny thing is, we had just been there with Adam a couple of weeks before for stitches in his chin, and the same nurse was there and recognized us! Earlier, we had been swimming and had gotten out of the pool. I wrapped Adam up in a towel because it was a little chilly. Well, he tripped on the towel and since his arms were wrapped up he couldn't catch himself and fell chin first on the pool deck! Poor guy! They had to wrap him up in a papoose to do the stitches, it wasn't fun.