Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is why we call it birthday season....

Daniel turned15! He's talking about driving more! I don't think I can handle it. How can I stop him from growing up, but do I want to? He is a great kid, who is turning into a great young man! He loves to be outside, hunting, fishing, playing sports of all kinds. I asked him not to long ago what made him happy, and he told me that just being outside in nature made him happy. He loves hiking and camping, and plainly not sitting idle. He loves to be doing something all the time, I can't get him to sit and read a book! Love ya and Happy Birthday Peanut!!

My birthday is the last of July. We always seem to be out of town for it too. Cade's and Allison's birthday's are within 6 days of each other in August and Daniel's is less than 10 days after Allison's. Along with Daniel's birthday is the opening of dove season. Both of these events are celebrated in the Farar household!