Sunday, December 19, 2010

And one thing led to another.....

The month's of August and September were a little stressful for me. This is a horrible picture, but it kind of gives you and idea. Dennis needed to run some phone cable into our bedroom to hook up a new phone system for work. He tries to work from home a couple of times a week. He said this project would be easy and wouldn't take very long..............wrong!! What project is that easy? Well, it would have been easy if.................Daniel hadn't fallen through the ceiling because he did not step on the beams like he was supposed to, we didn't decide to scrape off popcorn from ceiling, we hadn't seen a part of the ceiling that looked rotten, we didn't remove the drywall from said area, we hadn't seen part of our wood and framing in the wall that had water damage and dry rot and we could see light coming through the area, and we hadn't had to pay people to help us fix big problems in the wall and re-do the ceiling. Yes, it would have been an easy fast project and wouldn't have taken two months to finish, and I wouldn't have all this dust coating all over.

Note to time you want to scrape off popcorn from a ceiling, do it with everthing out!