Friday, April 9, 2010


I do have other happenings and pictures to post, but this one is so blog worthy I'll get to the other one's sometime. Daniel was riding a neighbors bike earlier this week when the front tire came off as he was going over a speed bump. I don't know how fast he was going but the poor kids face was the first object that hit the ground! Dennis took him into urgent care, but the dr. said that he needed a CT scan which they had to go to the ER for. They didn't get home until 4 in the morning. He ended up have a slight fracture in his upper jaw. His teeth are messed up so we are seeing what we need to do about his teeth now, he has a lisp when he talks! The backs of his hands got cut up and he need two stitches. And he ended up needing three staples in his head for a gash on the other side of his head which we didn't even notice until later! It's amazing how fast accidents happen and he doesn't really remember much at all. We've been to the oral surgeon and he said that he didn't need to have his jaw wired shut, so that's good, it will just have to heal on it's own. The dentist is doing a wait and see approach so see how his teeth are doing. He might or might not need root canals. He has really bad road rash all over the left side of his face, that will take time to heal. Now his eye is turning red from the broken blood vessels! Dennis said he looks like Two-face.