Thursday, December 30, 2010


My sister-in-law has inspired me to do better at blogging. She is very creative,talented and organized and has her blogs printed into books at the end of the year. They were so neat to look at, and since I haven't written in a journal lately (does maybe twice my whole married life of 16 years count?) what a great way to document our family!!! So another sister-in-law and I were talking and decided as a new years resolution to be better bloggers, and to blog something at least once a week. Umm, I'll try, that's pushing it based on my past history. I'll try to be better about getting pictures off the camera. I guess I don't necessarily have to have a pictures with a post, but it sure is nicer!!

So I've been really behind with my posts. I've tried to catch up, but while I play catch up life is not holding still and now we've had Christmas and today is Adam's 2nd birthday!! Happy Birthday my little two year old!! Hopefully there will be pictures to follow of his cake etc, soon.

But let me reminisce for a minute about our little Adam. We felt we were done having kids after Allison, but Heavenly Father had different plans. The pregnancy with him was hard and uncomfortable. I felt sick most of the time and had contractions throughout the pregnancy. He was actually due on January 20th, 2009, but because of prior c-sections and we wanted to hit our deductable by the end of the year (Dennis's plan) we scheduled it for the 30th of December.
I was scheduled to go check into the hospital early afternoon so I thought I would take it easy in the morning. Well Dennis comes rushing in the door from work around 9 in the morning saying that the hospital had been trying to call me to come in earlier, because of some scheduling problems and if we didn't come in asap we would have to wait another couple of days. So I grabbed my bag and we were out the door. The actual c-section went ok, but it was about an hour after that I started to feel sick....nauseous, dizzy, and just plain horrible. I thought I was going to die. It takes awhile for all of that stuff to get out of my system. Poor Adam had some problems with his lungs, breathing and fluid and some other things so he was put right into the sick baby nursery. I actually didn't get to see him for the first day and a half. He was sick and couldn't leave, and I wasn't up to getting out of bed for awhile. Then when I could get myself to the nursery, I couldn't hold him because it would get him to worked up and he would have problems. They said he had pnemonia and needed antibiotics. When I was able to leave the hospital, he had to stay for the remainder of the week so he could have the antibiotics which were administed through IV. It was really hard going home with no baby, I felt like I had just had surgery or something. I felt guilty and a bad mom for not staying with him, but there wasn't anything I could do.

We went and saw him everyday, and he got better every day. He was finally able to come home exactly one week from his birthdate. We were all excited! He's been quite the little character from the first. He would spit up like crazy and we had to try different formula's on him, as he's gotten older his little personality has come out more and more. He has been talking and learning more and more every day! We are so glad to have him in our family!!


Tony said...

All right, Suzy, you've inspired me too. I just went and threw a bunch of posts out there. I decided that I need to post what I can when I can, and try to dress it up over time. That means that people won't always catch all the changes, but if I decided to print it or whatever the result will be better.