Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caught up.....

Yay, I am finally caught up to our current year now!!!! I better keep up this posting pace or I'll get way behind again!!!

New Year's Eve 2010

Sometimes I forget that the year does not end at Christmas. We actually have another week to go. For New Year's we went to Darren and Cody's house and played games, had a marshmellow roast. Let me tell you, it was soooo cold outside that evening/night. The kids kept wanting to go out. I had packed some things for Adam and myself, but they got left behind unfortunately, so Adam had to borrow a jacket thus becoming our little princess!!

We stayed the night that night and ALL the next day too. Thank you Darren and Cody for putting up with our family for soo long.

Adam's 2nd birthday

I already posted about Adam's birthday. Here are some pictures.

Our family

I love any excuse to get a family picture. Damond and Adriana blessed their new baby Jacob the Sunday following Christmas. Dennis took pictures of them so I thought hey let's get one too.

We love to watch football

Christmas afternoon we loaded up and drove down to Yuma. I thought this was funny, if you can't tell there is actually a football game on tv, must have been an exciting one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chrismtas 2010

We spent Christmas morning at home and Grandma and Grandpa Morrison came over! I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of them, but they were there!

Daniel had been wanting something new to wash his face, so Santa found something new he could try.

Allison likes to color and draw and is always excited for new crayons and girly coloring books!

Ethan and Cade like to play WII games and they needed new batteries for controler so Santa helped keep them stalked with both!!

Allison got this cute dress from her Aunt Teri!! Thanks Aunt Teri!!

Adam got some new cars and a car ramp!! He loves cars and got kind of possessive with them!!!

Daniel made us some pumpkin pancakes for breakfast too! Very yummy!

Scooby Doo where are you...........

Adam loves to watch Scooby Doo cartoons! He will walk around the house talking about Scooby and Shaggy and even called fruit snacks, scooby snacks!

At the train park there are various characters walking around taking pictures with the kids etc. Adam would walk around them in circles and watch them from a distance, but would not go anywhere near them, except of course Scooby Doo!! He did'nt even hesitate to give him a hug!!!

Christmas at the train park 2010

For the past several years at christmas time, we have gotten together with the Farar family at the McCormick train park in Scottsdale. Sometimes I wonder if waiting line for usually more than a half hour (and a lot of times, much much longer) is worth it, but we do have fun!

Winter Sing

Franklin West Elementary has school concerts twice a year, in the winter and spring. Allison sang with the first graders, it was very cute.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow, I can't believe...................

that Ethan is 11!!! That' means not only is he and the rest of my kids are growing up, but that I'm getting old!!

Ethan has a very spunky (that's the word that first came to mind) personality. He loves to do and accomplish things and he likes to do them well. Even when he was little he never hesitated in letting us know if he felt he was being left out of something or if something wasn't fair. He loves being recognized and praised. He loves playing sports and is pretty talented at just about any sport he plays. Recently he played flag football and was the quarterback for the team both times he played. He is a great student at school and has lots of friends. He is very motivated and I think he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

He has some pretty good dance moves, but few people are honored to get see his moves!! I tell him he would be a great belly dancer!!

I love our Ethan!!!! I can't believe next year will be his 12th birthday and I will have 3 young men!!! Crazy!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My not so little any more cub...boy ....scouter

In the beginning of December Ethan hustled through his remaining requirements and earned his Webelo's AND his arrow of light award!! Yay Ethan!! Good job!! I kick myself because I did not have the camera with me outside, but we had a really neat awards ceremony for him with indians and flaming arrows and a bridge. It was pretty cool. He now moves on to the world of Boy Scouting!!

Just Because

I love these pictures of Daniel!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Organized

This happens after Christmas every year. I want to go through things and get rid of stuff!! I'm ready to get more organized! I have been in the mode to do closets, toys, files!! I hope this feeling lasts through all the projects I want to do! If anyone has any good organizational tips for any of these things feel free to share!!

November 2010............

Ok, so looking back at my pics of November, I only have two. I'm thinking that hopefully people will share pictures they've taken, I know that Dennis has some on his phone that need to get here on the computer.

The last part of October and early November were a little scary for me. Earlier I had gone to the dr. and had a biopsy of a spot done on my ear. Well, I found out that it was melanoma. The dr. called and told me on a Friday and all he said was that it was caught early and that I would need to have surgery to get it removed and that the surgeon's office would call me on Monday. Well, all weekend long I stressed and looked up melanoma online. The doc had said that it was caught early, but I didn't know what "early" meant. Was "early" considered stage 1 or 2? Had it spread? Needless to say I felt like and emotional mess. I never really told many people, because I thought that I would probably start to cry. Well I never heard anything on Monday, so I finally called that surgeon's office on Tuesday, and I found out that it was actually diagnosed as melanoma in-situ or stage 0. It was localized in that one spot on my ear and hadn't spread. I was so thankful for the The Lord's tender mercies, mind you I had that spot on my ear for more than a year I think. When I found out that news, I just cried because I was so relieved it wasn't too bad.

I had the surgery done and part of my ear lobe was cut and they grafted some skin to it that they took off behind my ear. They( the surgeon's office did to send back to the dermatologist) did take pictures, but I chose not to look at them (before and after) so I don't have any to put on here. It's probably for the better, I don't want to traumatize anyone!! It's healing now and hopefully as time goes on will get less noticeable.

I do have to go in to the dermatologists office every 4 months for the next 2 years to get checked and hopefully it won't come back. I went to see an oncologist (surreal) as a precautionary measure and he said that it probably wouldn't come back.

So that all happened in November, and we had Thanksgiving with my parents, Anthony's fam, and Kimber's fam. We actually went to Marie Callendar's for Thanksgiving this year. I've never been to a restaurant for it before. It was kind of nice not having to do all the cooking and cleaning up!!!

October 2010..............

So in the month of October, last year I guess, we didn't do a whole lot. Here are some random pics of the kids. We did go to the Hole in the Rock by the zoo one day to get out of the house. I'm thinking that Dennis was either working late or out of town or something like that.