Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adam or Atom?

What are your thoughts on the name Adam spelled A-t-o-m? Send me your thoughts and vote on the side.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok, so I'm finally caught up for now! That took me just about all day! For those of you who actually look at this blog, there are alot of posts so be ware!

Best Cousins!

Ethan and Kennadie have always been great friends as well as cousins. Kennadie can get Ethan to do just about anything she wants him too! This last Saturday, Kennadie was bapized, Congratulations Kennadie, we love you! This past weekend was a big weekend for Kennadie and her family, not only was she baptized, but her new sister Brooklyn was blessed on Sunday.
Of course that meant, a huge Farar family weekend with lots of food, fun, games, chaos, and cousins. The guys get together and do their thing, which is play games, and the girls get together and to theirs, which is chat. Thank you Darren and Cody for hosting everyone for two days in a row. Congratulations on the new addition and for your oldest growing up!

Wow I can't believe Daniel is 13!!!!

Here are a few pictures of Allison at the baseball game I thought were funny.

So we had Daniel's birthday dinner and cake and ice cream on his actual birthday which was Tues the 2nd.

I can't believe my oldest is 13 and in middle school! Which is going ok so far.

The weekend before was opening day of dove season so it's a Farar tradition to go hunting, Daniel loves it and Cade made a comment to Dennis that he thought it was the best day of the year. I guess that Daniel can always count on doing that around his birthday, which reminds me....that's what Dennis was out doing when Daniel was born. He was out hunting, not dove, but something else, and didn't get back in time and missed the whole thing. In Dennis's defense Daniel came early and unexpectedly, but now I never let Dennis go anywhere anytime near a due date!!

And Birthday season continues................

along with baseball season. Daniel's birthday is on Sept 2nd, about 10 days after Allisons or so. For his birthday he really wanted to go to a Diamondbacks game, so we went the Saturday before his birthday and he invited his friend Josh Preston from our ward to come. Usually we haven't had problems just going and buying tickets at the window, but this time it didn't quite work out that way. This was apparently a big game, they were playing the Dodgers and they needed to win this game. When Dennis got up to the ticket window, he was told that there was only standing room only available.

There was no way that I was going to stand that long, so we decided to take the kids and maybe go get pizza or something. Well, crossing the street, a police officer mentioned that we were walking the wrong way, and I told him that we didn't get our tickets soon enough.

He pointed across the street and said that there were scalpers over there on the corner. I was surprised that he would tell me that and I asked him if that wasn't illegal? He said "yes, but we keep a real close eye on them". I thought that was interesting, so we went over and Dennis happened to find a guy who would sell us 7 tickets for $ 10 each. We were lucky that we happened to have the cash, because we usually don't. So we got them and when I looked at them, I saw that they were $20 tickets, so we got a deal even! I was hoping the whole time that the police weren't going to come over and get us, like we had been intentionally set up or something! All ended well, and we all had a great time!!

Happy Birthday to You..........

Allison's and Cade's birthdays are six days apart, so it wasn't too long before we were celebrating another birthday!!! Her birthday was on a Sunday and we had Kimber, Dylon, and Braxton over. For her birthday dinner she chose pizza, so we made homemade one's which turned out pretty good.

Thanks Aunt Kimber and Uncle Dylong for coming and for the pretty princess crown! She wasn't the only one who had fun with it!

I'm four years old! Doesn't time fly?

Happy 11th Cade!!

This year our "birthday season" as we like to call it, was kept low key. I didn't feel up to planning a whole lot. For Cade's birthday my sister Teri was here so it was fun to have her take part in our fun. She was actually down from Utah to help out Kimber, but Kimber consented to spare her for a day. For Cade's birthday we made him a card with clues to a movie we were all going to take him to see and he had to figure it out. We took him with our neighbor friend to see Narnia Prince Caspian.
After the movie we had a little cook out and swimming by one of the pools here for awhile then came up for cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Cade!
I didn't get any pictures of the kids swimming or anything, but everyone had a great time. Teri and Kimber gave him a fun swimming pool basketball hoop and ball that was fun in the pool! Thanks guys!

Welcome Braxton!

In early August my youngest sister, Kimber had her first baby!!! Welcome Braxton Matthews! He is the cutest little thing, and it will be fun to have another boy so they can be buddies!!! Congrats to Kimber and Dylon!


Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Marge, and Pete for making a stay so fun! We even went to a rodeo!!

We had lots of fun at the rodeo....but I think by the time our visit ended we had wore them out!!

Where boys become men?

Grandpa put my boys to work out in the fields. I walked out there one day to see what they were doing and Daniel was driving a tractor! I was a little nervous at first but he did a great job. Now I understand why kids who grew up on farms learned how to drive at such young ages!!

Cade rode with grandpa in the big tractor, but no, he didn't drive that one thank goodness!

Next.....Emmett and "the farm"

This place was made for kids! They love it every year we are able to get up that way! They will have many great memories from visiting!

Thanks to all the family members that let us crash at their houses during this trip. I know we come and go like a whirl wind when we visit! We had a great time at Anthony and Heather's house where unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there. At Jeff and Rachel's house we had great fun with their wii and the kids had fun playing dress up.

My birthday was during the trip and my wonderful sister in law Heather came up with the idea to have a fun girl's day out. So me,Heather, my mom, my sister Teri, and sister in law Rachelle and my neice Mckayla went to a store called Color me Mine, which is a place where you go and paint your own pottery. I did a vase and have it sitting on my kitchen table with floweres from Dennis in it as we speak! I told him that was his designated vase to keep full for me! We'll see how that goes. After that we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill. Dennis and the kids also surprised me with a great little camera, one that I can fit in my purse and have with me all the time! Thank you everyone for a great birthday!!

In late July my family was having a little reunion up in Santaquin Canyon. I wasn't sure if I was feeling up to going but decided to go ahead and do the trip. I'm so glad I did, we had a fun time and it was so nice to see everyone and see my kids get to play with their cousins that they don't get to see very often!

Allison obviously was having a good time, look at how dirty she is!

Here is Ethan, Mckayla, Collin, and Braden
Ethan with Collin and Logan
Some of us stopped at this view point on the way to Payson lake. Our family, my brother Jeff and his family, and my oldest brother Larry in the back. It was soo pretty up there, and I lamented living in the desert!
Here's Allison in the lake. It took her awhile to warm up to it, but as you can see she ended up having a great time!!!

Thanks to my dad who planned and organized this whole get together, we all had a great time!

Back tracking

I have a lot of updating to do........ Back in May we went on a family hike at Thunderbird park. It was nice to get out and do something active. Behind us is the Arrowhead area and Arrowhead lakes, it was a beautiful day!