Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Crazy................

Have you ever lost something and have no idea what happened to it? Have you ever wondered "whatever happened to that"? Allison had a dress that was a really cute Christmas dress, she wore it several times at the beginning of last fall. I think it was in late November early December of last year that I realized I hadn't seen the dress lately. I've looked everywhere for it, and we've even moved in the meantime and I've been through things and I've never found it. I've wracked my brains thinking about what could have happened to it. I remember her wearing it, I remember seeing it hanging in her closet, I've been trying to remember if it was taken with us on a trip. Been trying to think where we could have left it! I've even wondered if I could have dropped it somewhere outside ( we were living in the apartment at the time) or did someone sneak in and steal it? Maybe one of the maintenance men came in and took it? So...

All points bulletin :

Have You Seen This Dress? Black Velvet on Top with a shimmering green ( kind of metalic like) material for the skirt and sash?

I remember looking at pictures of the boys awhile back and realizing that I hadn't seen the shirt that Cade was wearing in the picture lately? Where are these things going? Where do all the socks go?

On the flip side, I've ended up with clothes that I know don't belong to us. Right now I actually have in my possesion a boys long sleeved white dress shirt from Children Place size 10/12, and a t-shirt that says "Oakley" on it. I have now idea where these came from, but if they are yours I have them. I know that we've also ended up with socks that I know we didn't buy, sometimes it's just one and not a pair. So if you are wondering " Where do all the socks go......." I just might have them at my house!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We just happened upon free Easter bunny pictures at Bass Pro Shop on Saturday! I thought they turned out really cute! Of course the boys were "too old" for that kind of thing!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I don't have a whole lot to post about, just the usual routine, driving here and there and everywhere. About a week ago, Allison had a barrett in her hair that she couldn't get out. So instead of asking for help she decided to cut it out. I found her sitting on her bedroom floor with a clump of hair and scissors in her hand. She had cut off a chunk on the side, it was very noticeable. I was pretty upset with her so the thought of taking a picture for blogging purposes never occured to me. We went and got her hair cut to a bob, but that piece is too short to pull back very well, so there is just only one way I can do her hair! Now her hair isn't as curly as it once was, sigh. That piece will just have to grow out in time I guess! And I thought maybe we could get away with her never cutting her hair!

Adam does not sleep through the night yet, I'm tired!!