Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks to all the family members that let us crash at their houses during this trip. I know we come and go like a whirl wind when we visit! We had a great time at Anthony and Heather's house where unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there. At Jeff and Rachel's house we had great fun with their wii and the kids had fun playing dress up.

My birthday was during the trip and my wonderful sister in law Heather came up with the idea to have a fun girl's day out. So me,Heather, my mom, my sister Teri, and sister in law Rachelle and my neice Mckayla went to a store called Color me Mine, which is a place where you go and paint your own pottery. I did a vase and have it sitting on my kitchen table with floweres from Dennis in it as we speak! I told him that was his designated vase to keep full for me! We'll see how that goes. After that we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill. Dennis and the kids also surprised me with a great little camera, one that I can fit in my purse and have with me all the time! Thank you everyone for a great birthday!!