Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best Cousins!

Ethan and Kennadie have always been great friends as well as cousins. Kennadie can get Ethan to do just about anything she wants him too! This last Saturday, Kennadie was bapized, Congratulations Kennadie, we love you! This past weekend was a big weekend for Kennadie and her family, not only was she baptized, but her new sister Brooklyn was blessed on Sunday.
Of course that meant, a huge Farar family weekend with lots of food, fun, games, chaos, and cousins. The guys get together and do their thing, which is play games, and the girls get together and to theirs, which is chat. Thank you Darren and Cody for hosting everyone for two days in a row. Congratulations on the new addition and for your oldest growing up!


cfarar said...

Cute pictures, I would love a copy. Thanks for coming it was a fun filled weekend.

Sam and Sarah Rogers- Est. 2003- said...

Suzy...Ethan looks so grown up, please tell him that Bro and Sis Rogers say hi! We moved out the Evergreen ward almost a year ago, and now we live a mile or so East on University. We miss you and looks like all is well!

Adriana said...

I love the relationshiop they have :) Hopefully it will continue, it will be really nice in their teen years :)