Saturday, September 13, 2008

And Birthday season continues................

along with baseball season. Daniel's birthday is on Sept 2nd, about 10 days after Allisons or so. For his birthday he really wanted to go to a Diamondbacks game, so we went the Saturday before his birthday and he invited his friend Josh Preston from our ward to come. Usually we haven't had problems just going and buying tickets at the window, but this time it didn't quite work out that way. This was apparently a big game, they were playing the Dodgers and they needed to win this game. When Dennis got up to the ticket window, he was told that there was only standing room only available.

There was no way that I was going to stand that long, so we decided to take the kids and maybe go get pizza or something. Well, crossing the street, a police officer mentioned that we were walking the wrong way, and I told him that we didn't get our tickets soon enough.

He pointed across the street and said that there were scalpers over there on the corner. I was surprised that he would tell me that and I asked him if that wasn't illegal? He said "yes, but we keep a real close eye on them". I thought that was interesting, so we went over and Dennis happened to find a guy who would sell us 7 tickets for $ 10 each. We were lucky that we happened to have the cash, because we usually don't. So we got them and when I looked at them, I saw that they were $20 tickets, so we got a deal even! I was hoping the whole time that the police weren't going to come over and get us, like we had been intentionally set up or something! All ended well, and we all had a great time!!


Tony said...

It sounds like you guys have had an awesome month on all accounts. August/September is like party month for you. I'm not very good at remembering birthdays, so Happy Birthday to everyone! We wish we were closer to be in on the parties and stuff. The boys would love to go to a baseball game.

Congrats again, and thanks for the updates!