Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Cliff Dwellers

AFter a great day driving through Rocky Mountain National Park we drove south of Denver to Littleton where we have some wonderful friends, Mark and Liz Foster who were gracious hosts and let us stay the night. It was nice to visit with them again, since they moved away several years ago.

For awhile now we have talked about visiting Mesa Verde National Park (or Monument). I had vague memories of going there when I was little and I wanted to visit again. It took us most of the day to drive to the southwestern corner of Colorado from the Denver area, and we got there that evening, and yes, we did camp and it was much warmer, although the air mattress still lost air! The next morning we drove around and looked at the cliff dwellings the indians used to actually live in. Amazing! Just a funny note, in the picture above Ethan had just taken something from Allison and she was mad, after I snapped the picture, she hauled off and slugged him, it was actually kind of funny!