Sunday, August 2, 2009

and then on to.........

Mount Rushmore! We drove across Idaho, and said "HI" to my brother Larry in Idaho Falls. We camped outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was FREEZING that night and the air mattress wouldn't keep the air in it, so needles to say neither Dennis nor I got much sleep. Although the kids seemed to do ok. The next morning we got up and froze as we took our camp down and headed into Jackson Hole and had a warm breakfast at Mcdonald's (which cost a fortune, because we were in Jackson Hole). We got on the road and drove through Teton National park, which was beautiful of course!

Most of Wyoming was pretty flat and dry looking, we finally got to Newcastle, Wyoming on the Wyoming South Dakota border, and since we had a horrible night the night before we ended up staying in a little motel, so we could have a better night sleep!