Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, I just realized I forgot to tell the story that lead to naming my last post. So during the week I was by myself with the kids, and I had them all in the car with me. They got out of school early on Wednesday, so I decided it was a good oppurtunity to pick up Daniel's and Cade's glasses that were ready. It was hectic taking them all in the eye doctors office along with our stroller which seems really big. I felt like I had a traveling circus with me. The boys knocking into each other and generally not keeping their hands to themselves, Allison running ahead and wanting to get the money out of the fountain, Daniel pushing the stroller, and trying to run with it. Anway, most of you with kids, I'm sure you get the picture. So we're in the car after, and I sighed and said "Calgon, take me away..." and Cade goes, "Who's he?" I couldn' t help laughing! I had to explain the Calgon commercial, since it was before their time!

Calgon....take me away....

Dennis has been out of town since Tuesday ( Toronto, for work), and is finally coming home late tonight. I've been a single parent, trying to take care of everything (dropping off kids, and picking up kids) and dealing with a fussy baby and getting up in the middle of the night by myself. I just took things one day at a time, and am thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me with patience and the oppurtunity for a few naps!

We are moving at the end of the month, and I haven't had a chance to do anything to get ready! Usually I start packing a month before, but this time I just haven't been able to with Adam! I pray that everything comes together! I will not miss this apartment at all, it has been a hard place to live with a family. For those of you in the Evergreen Ward, yes we are moving back. We don't know for how long, we are hoping to sell the house. Yes, it's a terrible time to try, but we will see what happens. It's hard to move in the middle of the school year, I've been debating over and over about what to do with kids and school. If we should transfer them, or just leave them in their current schools. Daniel is at a harder age to transfer mid school year. I'm leaning toward leaving them, but the drive is so far. Dennis has to come up here for work anyway, so we are thinking that he can just bring them. Things definately get more complicated as the kids get older!