Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, I just realized I forgot to tell the story that lead to naming my last post. So during the week I was by myself with the kids, and I had them all in the car with me. They got out of school early on Wednesday, so I decided it was a good oppurtunity to pick up Daniel's and Cade's glasses that were ready. It was hectic taking them all in the eye doctors office along with our stroller which seems really big. I felt like I had a traveling circus with me. The boys knocking into each other and generally not keeping their hands to themselves, Allison running ahead and wanting to get the money out of the fountain, Daniel pushing the stroller, and trying to run with it. Anway, most of you with kids, I'm sure you get the picture. So we're in the car after, and I sighed and said "Calgon, take me away..." and Cade goes, "Who's he?" I couldn' t help laughing! I had to explain the Calgon commercial, since it was before their time!


Shellee said...

I love it... "Who's he?".

Can I tell you how excited we are to hear that you are moving back.
I hope that things are going well, but let me know if you need help with anything.

Heather said...

That is so the scenerio I deal with everyday. Everyone stares and you wonder, what was I thinking? Let us know what day you are moving and maybe we can come down and help you.

Adriana said...

You are a brave woman! I don't know what I would do... I'd lose my mind :)

how come you guys didn't get them from Bob?

Keep us posted with the whole moving thing and blessing... we'll help in any way we can. I could come over and help pack (though I am not sure how much help I'd be with my two boys :) or I could take Adam if that would help you be more productive? Call & let me know :)You know I would LOVE to hold Adam for hours :D

monika said...

What?? You told them! You had the perfect opportunity to say, "My new friend, the geni, who will come and get anyone who steps out of line.... you better watch out!" Oh, you are a nicer mom than I am .... you don't resort to false threats and lies??? ;-) I don't blame you for needing a break after a day like that. I love it when some stranger stops me in a moment like that, usually when I am trying not to loose someone, and says, "Are all these yours?" LOL! Um, no, I am just "walking" them!


That was pretty good. I laughed. Keep us posted with the move and everything. I will volunteer my husbands help to you.