Saturday, November 1, 2008

I thought I would finally change the blog to be a little fallish, better late than never I guess. But once again, I ended up deleting the pics I had on the side so I have to do it all again! What am I doing wrong? It will only be this way for a little while though! Then I guess we move on to Christmas! I'm not as good posting as I thought I would be, I have pictures on the camera that pile up on me. Like everything else in my life right now, some things just don't get done like I would like them to. I am almost 29 weeks yay! I've been having contractions fairly often, but not often enough to go in to the hospital. I'm trying to take it one week at a time. This little boy moves like crazy, I don't think he ever sleeps!

I hope to get my pictures put on here in the very near future, but right now I have to go lay down! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


FarFam said...

I can't believe you are having contractions already!! We are almost there!! Yipee!

Adriana said...

Contractions? Do you think you will come early again?

Take care of yourself and that baby! :D

little mama said...

Wow. Things are already moving along? Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible!

little mama said...

How're you doing over there?

Monika said...

Hi,sorry I have been silent for so long....Congratulations!! I just caught up with your blog (you know, crying baby, etc..) and can't believe you find the time to write, take pictures, and then post it all! Wonder Woman, thy name is Suzanne Farar. And I probably spelled your name wrong. I never did learn how you spelled it!
My kids came and peeked over my shoulder. They can't believe that you and Dennis knew Harold and I "way back when" 16 years ago. Time flies.
I had to tell them that you are the friend that bit the guy on the arm when you were 12. Remember the fireside? They served donuts, some guy rudely reached in front of you for a donut, you had waited patiently in line. You thought he was Jeff, so you bit him to teach him a lesson!
I tell my kids that if they reach in front of each other's faces, I don't feel sorry for them if they get bitten!
Good luck keeping that little guy incubating for as long as he needs to! I will be anxiously awaiting the good news of his birth!
Love, monika

Jenn said...

Hey Suzy! I'm just catching up on your blog. You were making me feel better about not keeping up with my blog as well as I would like until I remembered how pregnant you are - I don't have that excuse! Don't worry about it, though - go take a nap! Are you going to be here in town this weekend? Call us if you are!