Sunday, July 13, 2008

What ever shall I do?

Ok, so I'm sorry the last post sounded a bit whiny. My arm is feeling better though.

My kids are all down in Yuma this week with Grandma and Grandpa Farar ( bless their hearts!). Whatever shall I do with myself? This is the quietest Sunday evening I've had in a very long time! Oh the places I could go, and the things that I can do! We'll see just how good I feel to do anything, but continue to lay around!


FarFam said...

Lauren loves having the kids here. I love it because I can bribe her with getting to play with Allison! She will do anything if I tell her she can go play with her at grandmas!!! If I were you, I wouldn't do anything. Read a book or watch a bunch of movies. The laundry and dirty floors will always be there!!! ENJOY!

Linda said...

You have a right to complain about pain. Especially when pregnant and can't take the good medicine. I'm glad your mom and dad can give you a break. John and I finally started a blog and love it. Feel free to check us out. The Seamons. P.S. Is this your fifth child your pregnant with? Don't tell John, he's been wanting a fifth one too.