Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow, I can't believe...................

that Ethan is 11!!! That' means not only is he and the rest of my kids are growing up, but that I'm getting old!!

Ethan has a very spunky (that's the word that first came to mind) personality. He loves to do and accomplish things and he likes to do them well. Even when he was little he never hesitated in letting us know if he felt he was being left out of something or if something wasn't fair. He loves being recognized and praised. He loves playing sports and is pretty talented at just about any sport he plays. Recently he played flag football and was the quarterback for the team both times he played. He is a great student at school and has lots of friends. He is very motivated and I think he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

He has some pretty good dance moves, but few people are honored to get see his moves!! I tell him he would be a great belly dancer!!

I love our Ethan!!!! I can't believe next year will be his 12th birthday and I will have 3 young men!!! Crazy!!!


Adriana said...

Ethan is a great kid, almost young man! The boys love playing him with him :) I think, like Damond, he also has a gift with children.

I, also, can't believe that you will soon have three young men!

Heather said...

Ethan is such a good kid. Him and Collin are growing up way to fast. I can't beleive it.