Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Reality..........

I felt like I was on vacation for two weeks, even though we didn't actually go anywhere over Christmas and New Years. We were very busy with family both mine and Dennis's. My parents, Teri, and Kimber and her husband spent Christmas with us and then my brother Anthony and his family were around the next day, and then Dennis had a family reunion over New Years. Adam turned 1 between Christmas and New Years too! It was sure fun to visit with family and play. Now the kids are back in school and I'm trying to get things done around here.

I have several projects I'm wanting to do, but can't seem to find a whole lot of time to do anything I want to do!! It gets a little frustrating, but life is good!!


monika said...

Your kids are so good looking. I know that once the die is cast, you have little to do with that, but I think you should know it anyway!
I love that holiday break, too. It doesn't seem to last long enough, but I am pretty sure that one more week would drive me totally bonkers, so it's probably for the best all in all!