Thursday, May 7, 2009

some thoughts

I have some pictures that I need to post, we are heading up to Utah tomorrow though so I'll have to do a better update later. The school year is winding down. Allison has one more week of preschool and the boys have two more weeks. I'll be glad to not have to do all the driving and yet I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all summer! We are planning a road trip back east and are thinking that we will be gone for most of July.

I need to get the kids registered for school next year! I'm not sure where to put Daniel. I went through this last year too. He'll be in 8th grade, wow he's getting old!

My grandma Gardner passed away this week. She was my mom's mom. My dad's mom passed away a little over a year ago. We are heading up to Utah for the funeral. It will be a fast trip.

I've always been scared of death. To be honest I am afraid to die, although I know that everyone has to go sometime. I guess maybe it's just the fear of the unknown? When I go, I want it to be peaceful, without pain.


Heather Farar said...

Yeah, sometimes I have a hard time fathoming living after we die, but then I just think about NOT living after I die and it makes a little more sense. Either way, I just try NOT to think about it.

monika said...

I just always want to go when my kids are grown... or I want us to all go together! I am thankful for the sweet opportunity every day provides.