Friday, April 10, 2009

I don't have a whole lot to post about, just the usual routine, driving here and there and everywhere. About a week ago, Allison had a barrett in her hair that she couldn't get out. So instead of asking for help she decided to cut it out. I found her sitting on her bedroom floor with a clump of hair and scissors in her hand. She had cut off a chunk on the side, it was very noticeable. I was pretty upset with her so the thought of taking a picture for blogging purposes never occured to me. We went and got her hair cut to a bob, but that piece is too short to pull back very well, so there is just only one way I can do her hair! Now her hair isn't as curly as it once was, sigh. That piece will just have to grow out in time I guess! And I thought maybe we could get away with her never cutting her hair!

Adam does not sleep through the night yet, I'm tired!!


FarFam said...

Her poor hair!!! If it makes you feel better. Kylee doesnt sleep through the night either...Mom's should get nap time too!

Heather said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry. Hey I am in town until Sunday. I would love to see you guys. Just here visiting with my mom and going to the Easter Pagent. We are heading there tonight. give me a ring. 702-673-8948.

Adriana said...

Why little ones feel the need to cut their hair is beyond me, but it always leaves behind a priceless memory :)

I wish you rest!

monika said...

LOL!! I did it, thought kids did it once, and learned from my kids that some of them just develop a real joy of cutting their own, or their sibling's hair. Jocelyn's got cut by her brothers two times, (and each time Harold threw a real fit... buzzing the offender's hair almost all the way off because his hair had to be shorter than his sister's) and she cut her own at least twice! I was sure her curls wouldn't come back. A doctor said that if they grow out of the curls, they sometimes grow back into them during puberty... weird, huh?
I am sorry you aren't getting enough sleep yet. I end up singing the Barenaked Ladies' song, "Who Needs Sleep" nonstop for a few months when there is a newbaby in the house, or someone gets sick.
"Who needs sleep? Ya, well, what's that for? Who needs sleep? Well, you're never gonna get it, there's people who've been awake since the second world war."

I hope you get some sleep soon!

Myra said...

Ellie burned her pigtail in a candle a few months ago and I had to taper her hair to match. I still have to cover it in gel to make the burned edges to stay put when I put her hair in a ponytail.

By the way, I have wanted to tell you how wonderful your family is to have back on our ward. Your sons are such wonderful examples of what young men should be. I hope my boys grow up to be like them! Thanks for raising boys who set such an important example to my boys.