Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Visitng Teaching Coordinator

My calling in this ward right now is the Visiting Teaching Coordinator. It is kind of a challenging calling. It never fails when I think that I have things figured out, then something else needs to be changed. I would welcome anyone's input or ideas if you have ever been in this calling before. Any organizational ideas would be welcomed!

I haven't taken any new pictures lately, although I still need to get the pinewood derby pics on here. This last weekend we got together with Dennis's family. His brother Doran blessed his new baby, and we went to his cousin Garrett's wedding reception. If you know anything about the Farar family you know that it's always a party and crazy when everyone get's together. The cousin's love it though! Thanks to Darren and Cody for letting us all come over and create havoc!!!


CJ said...

I had this calling once upon a time in the Evergreen ward. I think it depends on the ward. Evergreen was always crazy with people moving in and out constantly. The ward I'm in now, I've had the same VT's since I got here a year ago. What ward are you in now?

Suzy Farar said...

I'm up in the Deer Valley Stake (Rose Garden Ward) in North Phoenix now. Evergreen probably had more people in and out than this ward does. Did you have seperate night and day routes?

The Crazy Holdens said...

Check out this web site. It's great.http://www.ldssplash.com/callings/callings.htm

Shellee said...

You are always great in any calling you have. I have no doubt that you will figure this one out.
About 2 wards ago, they got rid of the 2 teachers teaching 4 women and it was more of a VT in groups where in a group of 4-6, we traded whose home we met in...we met monthly in one person's home, the next month it was another's, etc. We became a really tight knit group. We really got to know each other really well and were the first ones that were called when help was needed. We all noticed if someone couldn't make it, and were always there for support. There wasn't anyway for anyone to be left out. Usually we had a light dinner and then one of the sisters taught the message. It was kind of like FHE. I know that in my friend's ward, they still do it this way.