Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allison's tumbling class

Allison has been taking a tumbling class for the past 6 weeks and her last class is next week, so I thought I better post some pictures before I forget! Here she is doing a "bridge" with help from the teacher.
Here she is in front of the Deer Valley Community center where the class is held.
Here she is striking a pose, something she learned from her brother Ethan.

Here she is trying the "bridge" herself. She has a hard time getting that head up.
And here she is on the bar, which she is not supposed to be on unless I"m spotting her, but I had to get the picture!


Tony said...

This is where if she were my kids she would fall off and break her neck and I would get hospital bills for the next year. I'm glad she is yours and therefore statistically less likely to be injured during a picture shoot.

Suzy Farar said...

You know honestly I don't know how we haven't had many injuries, my kids are just as active as any other kid.

Betty M said...

Hey Suzy! This is neat! I really like your family picture and the colorful background. It must be at Disneyland.